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Christopher Nelson
Associate Creative Director

OREO x Super Mario

What do you do when two of the world’s most iconic brands come together to make sweet, sweet music?

You re-make a classic song for the first time ever and in the process get to defeat a villan. 

With the Super Mario movie coming out, we made the most playful cookie even more playful by turning it into a new Super Mario game.

We launched by creating a new Mario level out of cookies and milk, which also played the Mario theme song.

Fans watched it 2M+ times in 24 hours.

Then we released a special edition pack. Each cookie had one of sixteen special embossments, featuring heroes, bad guys, and power-ups.

The pack also invited fans to play a new Super Mario game, using their cookies. A QR code gave them the rules and showed them a progress tracker that showed how close the world was to dunking bowser in milk.

Fans loved it and played on social.

To celebrate Bowser’s defeat and Princess Peach’s return, we surprised X000 fans with special edition Princess Peach cookies.

New York, NY.