2016 Effies Finalist
Intel creates some of the world’s coolest technology but never gets any credit for it.
To fix that we teamed up with America’s favorite nerd, Jim Parsons, to have him discover
and tell the world about the latest Intel Technology before it was available on store shelves. 

To launch the campaign, we created a series of Vines
that featured Jim wandering around the halls of Intel’s headquarters
trying to find the latest tech. The TV spot, which launched the next week,
continued the story with him entering the Lab for the first time. 

Watch the launch TV Spot

Social Videos: In Lab
To continue the campaign after the TV launch, we created a series of web videos that featured Jim’s point of view in the lab to give a more in depth view and demo the new technology.

Social Posts

Post Copy: With tech that changes focus later, your pics are safe from photobombers. Almost. #WhatsNext

Post Copy: Big improvements coming to a camera near you will help you size up any situation.

The Campaign Continues
It turns out Jim Parsons is not a one hit wonder (no surprise since he just has a few Emmy’s & Golden Globes)
He was brought back to promote more of Intel’s technology, This time it’s the 2 in 1 part laptop part tablet.

Intel 2 in 1 Vines:

Social Posts:

Post Copy: It’s a laptop. It’s a tablet. You decide when to make the split

Post Copy: What’s Jim to do first? With the Intel 2 in 1 there are so many choices.

Post Copy: No tricks here, just an Intel 2 in 1 where razor-thin laptop meets ultra-fast tablet.

Copywriter: Grant Cohen
Creative Director: Craig Cimmino


New York, NY.